Location: 28 Millbury Street, Auburn, MA
Square Feet: 456,920 on two levels
Acquired: 1992
SOLD: 2008

This former shoe distribution facility was vacated in the mid 1980's and lay fallow for many years, much to the distress of the owners and the town. While a very large two-story facility, the second floor was difficult to access via conventional elevators and stairs. Liberty Companies recognized the potential value, particularly with the property's ready access to the Massachusetts Turnpike, and acquired the facility in 1992 for $3.5 million. Liberty analysts believed the facility would be best used as a first class warehouse or industrial space; however, second floor access remained problematic.

The solution: a large ramp was built to the second floor at a cost of nearly $1 million. Twelve additional loading docks were added on the second floor, essentially creating two independent warehouses. The building, which sits on thirteen acres, was leased long-term to Filene's Basement. In 2007, Rabina Properties, LLC purchased the 456,920 SF state-of-the-art distribution building Liberty Properties had built.